About Us

Our family took over this space in 2016 with a vision to present a restaurant that brings together two distinct cuisines from our family background, Taiwanese and Cambodian. Starting a restaurant is not an easy undertaking. It can even be exhausting at times. However, over the short time we have been in business we have met and made many new friends who truly enjoy our unique flavors from our own recipes. 

Amok Trey is one of our most popular dishes. Its flavor and texture is very rich with a complex hint of various herb and spices. It’s a wonderful recipe that I learned from Jenny, a dear friend of our family, and a wonderful Cambodian Chef. 

Our pork chop brings back a lot of fond memories of Taiwan. Nom Ban Jok, a Cambodian noodle dish, is one of our personal favorites. There are 3 different variations of the soup stock for this dish—- thuck somlor gurree (thick creamy curry), thuck samlor srai (khmer- very light broth and light on curry); and our version, which is a happy medium between these variations using namya curry.

The beef noodle soup is quite popular with our Taiwanese crowd and currently our best-selling dish!

Our family invites you to come and try our restaurant. We want to serve you and introduce you to our many delicious dishes such as those mentioned above along with cumin lamb, nom banh jok (Khmer noodle soup), and many more. We hope to become one of your favorite new restaurants featuring authentic Taiwanese and Cambodian cuisine.